Traditional Wedding Foods of Bangkok

Make Your Big Day a Memorable One!!!

It is no secret that every culture has its own unique way of celebrating marriage, and the wedding itself will showcase this. While a lot of people out there are moving away from traditional weddings; there are still many people who want to celebrate their culture and abide by them. One of the most integral parts of weddings in Bangkok is the food that is served and the venue: new in Bangkok for small and intimate weddings is the Lancaster Bangkok, just of Sukhumvit road.


Food is always a huge part of any Bangkok wedding. But, which traditional Bangkok dishes stand out?


Since Thailand boasts of unique and intriguing cuisine, you can be sure that food plays an incredibly integral part at all Thai weddings. Bangkok weddings can go on for days, and throughout the course, guests indulge in various kinds of traditional Thai food. And what is even more surprising about Bangkok weddings is that the bride’s family won’t accept the groom at the wedding if he doesn’t present a particular dish to them. Here are some of the traditional wedding foods of Bangkok that you need to know.

Phuket Chicken Biryani Rice

The Phuket chicken biryani rice is commonly referred to as Kao Mok Gai, and it is a well-known traditional wedding dish in wedding hotels Bangkok. This dish has a distinct flavor from the neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. The Kao Mok Gaiis usually prepared for special occasions such as weddings and Ramadhan. This isn’t a common dish to cook at home, but it can’t miss featuring on a Bangkok wedding menu.


Khanom Kawaew

The Khanom Kawaew is a unique traditional Bangkok wedding dish since it signifies the official beginning of the union. No traditional Thai wedding can be complete without this dish. When served, the Khanom Kawaew dish shows that the bride and groom have joined together in matrimony forever. This dish features sweet bread that is plaited together.

Foy Thong

Also known as “golden silk threads,” it takes a lot of practice to prepare this dish. Just like the Khanom Kawaew, all weddings in Bangkok must have this dish since it also has a special meaning. Made of sugar syrup and eggs yolks, the threads are usually long to symbolise the everlasting love between the couple. Typically, the person preparing the Fay Thong should try to get the longest threads possible.

Khan Mahk

The groom must present this meal to the bride’s family for the wedding to take place. This dish is always included in the parade of people from the bridegroom’s family to the bride’s family on the wedding day. Khan Mahk is simply a special tray that is prepared as a gift to the parents of the bride. The tray usually contains different betel nut chew ingredients such as tobacco, betel leaves, whole betel nut, and some flowers.

Bangkok is a beautiful city that attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Although it is one of the most developed cities in Thailand, Bangkok manages to maintain its historic architecture and unique traditions dating back to hundreds of years.