What is the CRYO-OXYGEN FACIAL Treatment

There is always that feeling of satisfaction walking around with a rejuvenated skin that has its texture improved. Cryo-Oxygen facial exudes that desired youthful look with direct injections of cold pressurized oxygen together with other rejuvenating ingredients into the skin. This treatment is done using a Micro-channeling roller that sprays the moisturizers that immediately hydrate the skin.


Cryo-oxygen is instant hydration that not only leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth in appearance, but also helps with severe skin infections like dermatitis. Thanks to Cryo facial’s anti-inflammatory nature, the more you perform this treatment, the better the results. This facial deemed to last at least seven days is a pain-free process which aerates the skin freshening the cells.

Though a bit costly, this facial treatment is necessary for the diffusion of cold oxygen to the cells. The procedure is so far the ultimate skin rejuvenation that marks the beginning of healthy skin.


The importance of getting that frozen oxygen diffused directly to the skin

The microcirculation of oxygen to the cells helps detox and make the skin firm. Due to its anti-aging factors, the treatment will restore skin inflammations and improve its tone. Furthermore, the moisturizers improve the skin’s radiance and leave it tighter after that. Research has shown that this treatment stimulates the production of collagen necessary for the glowing radiance and reduction of wrinkles.


How often should individuals do the Cryo-Oxygen facial treatment?

Whether it is to cure that severe skin condition or purely for beauty purposes, anyone looking forward to embracing this treatment must devote to a strict seven day moisturizing for a start then subsequently do one session for six weeks and after that a maintenance of one course lasting between 4 to 6weeks. Since you cannot achieve the glow in one sitting, adherence to the sessions is critical.


Reasons why you should rush and get a facial

The skin is arguably the most prominent body organ, and proper care of this organ needs enough surplus of oxygen meeting with the live cells on its surface. With the facial skin being the most seen, it is satisfying to make it sell a good picture for the rest of the covered parts. The collagen production enhanced by the Cryo-facial is the ultimate achiever of flawlessness and healthy skin.


This treatment offers a reliable promise to a healthy youthful skin


The process with its involvement of active moisturizing ingredients helps the skin regenerate itself. The dermis which is responsible for wrinkles instantaneously gets its life back which as a result gives root to healthy and firm skin.

Since that glowing, radiant skin is something that will not happen overnight, hard work and persistence towards achieving that glam look should be put into consideration. The K West Hotel and Spa in Richmond way, Hammersmith, London is one place you can go and do your Cryo-Oxygen facial treatment.